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East Penn PC Support offers a wide range of computer hardware and software support services at a price that is affordable. If you have computer problems, don't pack up your computer and pay tons of money to have it looked at - call East Penn PC Support and we will come to YOU!

Computer Security
Includes: Anti-virus scanning, detection and removal from your computer; Anti-spyware scanning, detection and removal from your computer; Firewall installation, configuration and support. East Penn PC Support will ensure that your computer security applications are up to date, configured properly, leaving your computer running fast and efficient.

Risks: Failing to secure your computer could lead to performance degradation (slow response), identity fraud, loss of personal information to unknown sources and more!

PC Optimization
Includes: General hard drive defragmentation, Windows Registry cleaning, deletion of unnecessary files that slow your computer and decrease performance. Doing this periodically assures that your system will operate as intended for a long time. East Penn PC Support will ensure that your computer applications and operations are operating at peak performance.

Risks: Failing to keep your computer at peak performance may prevent timely processing of information such as saving word processing documents or spreadsheets. Unwanted files take up storage space and decrease the space required for applications or necessary documents. Top

Hardware Installation
Includes: PC installation and setup. Memory, hard drives, modems, video cards, sound cards, CD and DVD drives, floppy drives, USB cards, network interfaces cards, and backup devices.

We will research the proper hardware based on your needs and matched to your existing equipment, install it, and make sure it is working properly. Services also included are custom configuration of new PC systems and data transfer from one to another PC.

Notables: Memory is the least expensive and one of the easiest ways to speed your computer processing. Maintaining the proper memory matched to your system ensures that you will not lose precious time re-booting or looking at the infamous Windows blue screen! Top

Software Installation
Includes: Any legally obtained application. Software Applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook, Windows--or other--operating systems, Anti-Spyware, Virus Protection. We will install the software, and complete some basic tests to make sure it is working properly. Top

PC Troubleshooting
Includes: Determine the cause of faulty performance and correct. Install appropriate software to ensure that the issue doesn't arise again. Top

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  • AVG Free Anti-Virus Software
  • CCleaner Registry and Hard Drive Cleaner
  • Download TeamViewer Quick Support


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